We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Saturday, July 21, 2007
i found you!!

it's about 10am, I was dressed and ready to go out when it rained cats and dogs... then i received a call saying that it's not necessary to meet... yes, i was supposed to meet Jorell and Jordyn to go North Spring for the open house...
i was kind off disappointed... and i was actually dressed for my friend's wedding ceremony at about 1.30pm... so, what am i supposed to do from now?

Thank you God, the rain stopped... amazingly, it stopped... but how? God's work... =D

i met the kids at about 11am... they brought me around the school, showed me their classrooms and walked around the compound... at a point of time, i saw someone... he was standing in front of me and it just caught my eye... i was puzzled, i was shocked... in the mean time, i wondered, was he the kid i taught 2 years ago in st anne's? he looked different.. of cuz, for two years already... i kept looking at him, my heart started to POUND faster and faster... his name appeared on my mind... r..e..n..f..r..e..d.. when i left the class i taught, he left the school for another school too... his cousin, Jordan, which was in my class left together too... when i heard the news, i was sad because there were considered bery close to me... they always make me smile, laugh and say "i love you"... i never kept my eyes off him since... after a while, another young boy came and called him, from then, i was more then 100% sure it was them... my heart was beating in a record fast... i prayed and hope for an opportunity to call them or catch their attention... well, almost, but failed.. i was so nervous... their family was in the canteen... i was strolling up and down, not knowing what to do... just then, they stood up and left... i was like "dont la..." i really dont know what to do... the kids walked first but they didnt see me... afraid that they dont recognize me, i couldnt get myself to call them.. i just looked at them and let them walk past... then... a lady looked at me and actually reacted!!!
come to think about it, they actually took school bus to school that period of time... well, by God's grace, that lady(i dont know who's mother) actually stopped the kids and asked if they remembered me... renfred didnt... jordan did... hahaa.. i dont expect that to actually... so i stood there and chatted with the mother... she reminded me that they used to call me very often and ya, they did... i remembered... she said now renfred is a bit reserved and shy... yes, he is.. when i taught him, he wasnt as confident as his cousin, one of the quieter ones in the class... but on the phone, he was so open and talkative... the mother told me she regretted stopping renfred from calling me... i understand how she feel, seeing the child like that... if there's anything i can do, i will... two years ago, when i realized they werent in st anne's, i actually went to search for them.. i got some info of where they were studying then... i went all the way there but failed to look for them... how precious they are to me... really, i miss them so much and for 2 years, i havent forgetten them... God, if it werent for you, i wouldnt have met them and talked to them... thanks!
after that, i was in a state of delight, joyful and uncontrollably smily... hahaa... i almost jumped for joy like a fool, i dont mind... hahahaa... i was really, really happy... cant describe, but my expression tells it all...
thank you God once again...
Jordan, Renfred and I taken in 2005