We love, because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
busy day...


alright... i woke up this morning, having planned my day(cuz i havent yet buy his present).
-collect photo (at 9am)
-go st anne for dance rehearsal (start at 1010am)
-go buy present at popular (cuz they open at 10am)

so i went to rv plaza to collect his photo i developed yesterday... it was like my house is in the middle of st anne's church and plaza... ya..

then, i went to st anne's church kindergarten to check out the dances... they had a rehearsal dance for the year-end concert... yups... then, i was helping out a class' dance till 11am and i suddenly shouted, "oh NO!!! i forgot to buy his present!!" yups... (cuz i planned to go after watching the rehearsal that ends about 1045am)..

so, with a hurt ankle, i endured the pain and i ran down to compass point to buy his present... i bought the photo frame i wanted but only without the colour i wanted... well, no choice... so i paid and went the servie centre at another counter to wrap my present... lo and behold, i gave him the present and i CAN TELL HE IS A HIGH C PERSON!!! he cut the wrapping paper and it was a little slant... so he fold again up a little and cut very STRAIGHT!!! oh my gosh... i really appreciate him doing very perfectly BUT BROTHER!!! I'M IN A HURRY!!! so i told him "Sorry, i'm in a hurry... so need not be so fancyful" MY GOSH!!! he said okay and he continue his perfect wrapping... then fold and it's a little out and he open again and fold again and........ AAAAARRRGGGGGGG!!! i was holding back my patience and trying to stay calm so that no negative or unwanted words will be uttered involuntarily... it took sooooo damn long and i took the present and dash off the place...

when i reached, i missed seeing him blow the candle... DAMN... haiz... but at least i got him a present...

soon, another incident happened... it was one of that yoko twins... he walked "through" someone and refused to apologise... i remembered very clearly that this happened last year, just that he pushed someone and refused to apologised and i had to talk to him for almost 2 hours... he cried and cried... so today, when his teacher asked him to apologise, he did it rudely... and storm off... the teacher went to talk to him in the toilet... then he started crying... i knew it.. then she asked him back the class and he walked like as though i still owe him something... so i told the teacher that he wasnt at all ready to go back to class... and i say i'll take over... i brought him away and i talked to him again.. that took almost an hour... he cried and we talked and i was very serious and...... it was quite a very good talk because i was able to extract valuable information from him... basically, he was a fatherless child and didnt have very good living condition, not very good upbringing and had an older brother that always participates fighting with them at home... so, he was kind off treated unfairly and all... but we talked and move places and talked and ya... i really treasure the moments with him... so, in the end, he's better, able to see him smile... since i was teaching them dance and he doesnt like dancing, i told him, "i know you dun like to dance but pleaseeeeeeeee dance for my sake.." and he nodded... hahaa.. so i was like, "hey, what do you like so i will buy something for you next time... but i think i'll spoil you but never mind... you like spiderman?" he shake his head (no) "cars?" (no) "Superman, Incredibles, Hello Kitty, Pooh, Ultraman" he shake his head for all... then i said "me" and he shake his head and i was like "WHaT?!" and he said "half" and i burst out laughing... hahaaha... and i said "only half? i like you so much and you only like half?" and he said "more than half" and i just cant stop laughing... so cute... ya... but that's unforgettable...

yups... after all the adventurous day, i head home... brought my dog out for a walk... that's all... better day tomorrow!! DO QT!!! (:

*cannot upload photos... will be up soon...